Thursday, 24 November 2016

Only one month left!!!

There is only one month left until Christmas, and there is still lots to do.
Most of the presents have been bought and are in the process of being wrapped, the card-making is on the way but most of the home-made presents are still on the hooks/needles...
Last I checked there were 14 gifts to make, still luckily mostly small things, but I am not sure I will finish, although I can always make something less time consuming than on my original plan if I find I don't have enough time. But in the meantime I am trying to crunch out some small finishes so the number of gifts seem smaller and thus less daunting.
And so I have been sewing in yarn-ends, which is not altogether that much fun.

I made a doily today.

I am busy making potholders and cards on the kitchen table.

One present is finished, and I started it quite some time ago too. at the moment it is blocking.
So that it will go from this, into...

this, minus all the pins.

I had a party with friends doing some crafts and eating some cake which was fun.

Valmin is now a sofa buddy even when my friends are over... Yay, He has come such a long way from the tiny timid little thing.

How are your presents doing? Are you making something this year?

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