Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wedding Blanket Square Thirty-Eight

Another fairly easy but still interesting square. It looks harder than it is and with the photo walktrough I think this is something a starter stitcher with some experience and ready for a challenge can do. After row five it was super wobbly, but a few more rounds and it was straight and square, and after blocking in the end no one would think this square started out as a round thing.
This is a square I would like to do again someday. :) Maybe as a potholder, I have after all decided to make some potholders for Christmas this year.

21x21 cm and 30 grams of yarn.

*Kio's square, I adore that light lilac with turquoise, but my green goes good with the colour palette too. I like both our squares, but I do think some more white on my square would have made it even more delicate. Instead of spring fling both squares look like they are a winter thing, with some thin cracking ice and frosty air...

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