Friday, 11 November 2016

Doctors orders and other Strange things

I am late in posting again, but this week I have been ill with the flue and barely getting anything done at all.... but
I did make some soup and I did some slow knitting without much thought and drank lots of tea and watched Miss Marple... The knitting is for gachastitches and is easy and fun and just what the doctor ordered to keep my cotton mind from going crazy whilst sick.

But I still have a few finishes, some starts and some stories.

On Tuesday I started feeling ill, but not so bad, so I went to the movies with our old neighbour, we saw Doctor Strange, and although I am not a Marvel fan (yet), I am as smitten with Benedict Cumberbatch as everyone else is, and the movie and mr.Cumberbatch did not disappoint. I recommend it, I have been wanting to go to the movies more this year, so I will try.

No idea how many grams I have here, but all in all I bought 300 grams of baby blue, so I will weight the yarn left and the vest and then I will do the math, tomorrow when my mind has gotten some sleep.

Last week, I started these while helping my mum out as a sort of travel project there, and I finished a set of newborn booties and a devils hat from the book crochet for babies by Sys Fredens. (not available in English I think, mine is in Danish) More on that later, I think as I have much to say about that book, but if you want to read about the first time I made those booties, you can look here. I had intended the set to be bigger, but my yarn was too thin so the set was rather small which meant I had some yarn left, so as it goes I started something new.

can you guess what it is?
But there is no surprise that I thought I didn't have enough yarn on this and bought two more balls right?

This is how it will look, like, sort of, since I used a smaller yarn it won't look exactly like that, but kind of. and again in about newborn size... 
Not that I know any newborns, but I needed a fast, portable and small project... But a wholly wrap-around vest is useful on babies right? As well as a hat and booties?

and Mimle is happy I am home and sorry I am sick and is hovering beside me. She is such a doll. Sometimes. Even though I hardly get any licks, except yesterday I got three licks on my ankles on the way to bed as she sat under my chair as I was reading the paper.

Oh, and since I haven't done much house work all week because every time I get up I almost faint the bunnies got some weekend treats and had a blast throwing it all around the floor. Luckily Mister M has promised to hoover tomorrow while I clean the bathroom.

Valmin was helping me photograph... He is so curious I sometimes thinks his name should have been George, that silly monkey.

Finished, just need to attach the last two strings to close it and then block it...
But I did not need more than those two whole balls of yarn, I have one whole ball of yarn left and about 20 grams left on the second ball, so now I need a project that does not use more yarn than that so I don't have to buy any more yarn... oh, the circle of yarn....

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