Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Wedding Blanket Square Thirty-Nine

I have seen the roses or sometimes named tulip pattern several times and have always thought it was a bit difficult, but when I started this I realised it was super simple.
It looks great too. 
We did contemplate red roses but we hadn't bought any red yet so we used the dark purple, even though red is the colour of love purple have always been a more exclusive so purple fits too.

I love how the colours in my square turned out. The little white flower in the middle is adorable.
Other things I like in this square is the octagon shape it has after the first purple row and the green straw like things in the squares in the row after that, I love the roses of course and I like how everything after the roses are a bit more easy-peasy. We could have made a second row of roses but I do sometimes like simplicity.

I love her blues and when most is in one colour the roses get the front seat they deserve. 
Also her square looks a bit like ice which I really like.

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