Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wedding Blanket Squares Thirty-Six

I adore this square and I adore it's techniques, it was clever fun and I love the colours I chose for this square, I wish we had more of that soft lilac but I think we only had one ball of that colour each.
I love how the spirals are done, quite clever.
It was a time consuming square and I had to read the instructions very carefully but I do think it was worth it. This is another square I might make as a potholder, perhaps those poles would look good red with a with background and they would resemble candy canes for Christmas? Or am I just more in a Christmas mood than a May-mood?

34 grams and 21x21 cm.

 I love how pale *Kio's square is, and I can't quite decide which of our colours schemes are the best, but I do think they are both good and that they look very attractive together.

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