Sunday, 25 November 2012

Happy Birthday Mum and secret stuff

So, first I wanted to show you my amazing progress on the "Somebunny to love" project that I have been intently doing. I have faithfully done backstitching as I go, and let me tell you I love the work so far. The bunny looks so squshable :) I want to kiss her little tail.

Look, she has feet now, that you can tell apart. But alas no head, as I like to finish off the right side first.
What is that she is carrying? A whole supply of lunch perhaps?

I have started on a head. 
Sadly I did not finish it as was my goal for today, but I did some work on the secret project with my friends as started in this: Can you tell what it is yet?
 Look, look. 
The sewing machine was a menace, I really think she (her name is Gerda I feel) is going through puberty. She was making her underthread thingy just turn into knots and I wanted to chuck away my project. But a little googling and I think the problem was the bobbin or maybe the spool was facing counter clockwise or something like that, she is ok now. Stupid thing. Today we properly tried a bit of everything, not like last time. And I must say, cutting was my least favorite thing to do. I like the prettyfying part best;) ( doesn't everybody?) 

Bunny is currently running around the room, but here she is, not quite sure what to do.
 Boyfriend was eating a mandarin and she wanted some, but could not decide if the smell was nice or not... Obviously we didn't give her any, but she got some nice herbs and some nail-trimmings. Which is to say she spent half the day under the sofa not speaking to any of us.....

Edit/ I forgot the most important thing!!!!!
The new free bauble design!
I really adore bows! I guess that is one thing I learned from J-pop!

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