Sunday, 29 September 2013

New Bunny News

You might not know, but this week we had to take our bunny to the emergency vet because she was constipated. This is her the same night after we came home, she's had fluids, pain-meds and then some food. She was cold and grumpy. We made her move around even if she just wanted to lie under the sofa feeling sorry for her self and force fed her for a couple of days.

 And the following afternoon after another visit to the vet the poo's arrived.
We still kept an eye on her the following days, even if I got the flu too, so it was though.

 Then she was up to mischief again, chewing her box to pieces and exploring so we knew she was feeling better.

And now I think she is perfectly fine.

And, I finished another christmas card. A Margaret Sherry design. I think it turned out nice. And my total of finished Christmas cards is up to two. 

On another note, we are watching "The Bridge". I love how different it is from other things on TV. It is so scandinavian. And to be honest, most of what Saga is doing is things I would do/say/think so I might not get the same feeling watching it as boyfriend does. Yes, I know that sometimes when she says something you are supposed to laugh, because it is socially awkward, but I laugh at different things, and as long as we both like it it does not matter that we think about it differently. Mimle likes it too, not too much things blowing up;)

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