Friday, 17 January 2014

Miscalculated in Pink

So I have decided to make my blanket 120 squares, I have not decided in what fashion these new squares shall be linked, (well, I have decided on the join as you go method for joining, but that is not what I am talking about here. ) how long should it be or how wide. My blanket used to be 10x6 in my head, but now that I will increase the number I am thinking more like 15x8. But we will see. As of now there are 16 squares not fastened but finished, 60 are fastened and finished and so if my calculations are correct (which they certainly are not I reckon because math and me are arch enemies) there would be 44 squares left to make…. So we will see how far I get before I get too bored.
I am seeing numbers before my eyes now, not a very good sign, I am not very confident in my math so I hope boyfriend wakes up soon so that he can look it over. Yes, I am really that hopeless in math. 

But I will finish this blanket this year even if it kills me.



It looks a bit more like a proper blanket, on top of my old granny square blanket. (Which is bigger than it looks in this picture because it is draped behind the chair.)

I am still enjoying this project, I usually stop a project when it is not fun anymore and I sincerely hope I will love this until I am done with it. 


Lynda-Rose said...

Your pink blanket is looking lovely :D
I haven't made granny squares in such a long time, even though I promised to make my brother a blanket, you've inspired me to go wool shopping :D xx

Vilje Vanilje said...

Hehe, I have another blanket as a Wisp intended for my boyfriend, I started it maybe four years ago and it is still not finished, in my defense though, I ran out of yarn and the yarn is super expensive.

And thank you. We could have a crochet-a-long and see how many of those intended blankets we can finish this year. I want to see pictures of your blanket when in progress:)