Saturday, 11 January 2014

The study in pink square...


So this is how far I have gotten on one of my blankets. I bought lots of yarn to finish this one, and I had my mother buy yarn for the other one from the same place where I bought the last yarn so it matched. 
So here is a picture with the yarn I bought (not the yarn my mother bought, because that I don't have it yet).
I bought some more of the sparkly yarn I used in making those pretty star/snowflakes too, so that I can make a hundred more! (I counted 15 stars in one skein).
And the pink, purple and white is for the small granny blanket. I have already used up one of the whites which is why there is only one and a half of white in the picture. There will be two rows of white, and the last row is where I am using the "joining as you go" method by Lucy from the attic. And then some rows around in the pink, pale purple. I think it will look nice, but now that I have done two rows of white, I am contemplating if there should have been more than two, but that can't be helped now since I have sewn in the ends and one row is already finished. It will turn into a small lap blanket I guess. Or I can make some more squares…. I can always buy more yarn;)

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