Friday, 31 January 2014

Another swap, this time for bunny

and a little bit me

What an exiting parcel….

Mimle chins it because she has decided it is for her….
Notice the heart patterned paper.

Look, the cardboard box it came in is also a usable tunnel.

My swapping partner painted this lovely card of Mimle and my favorite flowers, so very thoughtful! And she is very talented. :)

Mimle is interested in what I am holding.

Busy chinning my gift, some lovely pink yarn. 

Mimle is reading our card. 

Inspecting my gifts to makes sure there are no evil corners on it.

We got some lovely hay cakes with chamomile, which were a huge hit! Some oxbow banana treats, which she loves, twigs (we were almost out, thank you!)
A funny wooden toy with dried apple on it. Mimle wanted to eat it all up in one go, but I was adamant and removed it mid eating.
Chocolate for me! (boyfriend is allowed a taste).
Yarn, oh, it is so soft! And pink. And it is even variegated and one is merino:O
This adorable ceramic bowl with a bunny.
Wooden floss keeper in the shape of a bunny and horse. (need to take a closeup photo of that).
Oh, and the card! We will frame it and treasure it always!

Here is the funny apple chew toy.
Mimle knows the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but she refuses to believe me when I say that saying does not apply to rabbits….

The hay cakes, Mimle was impatient, and I was slow in opening it.


This is the box we use to put hay cakes in, and whenever she carries them out of the box we put them back in. 


Jenn said...

Your bunny is insanely cute - and this comes from a lady who owns five bunnies, only one of which comes near the cuteness of yours(there definitely should be more bunny updates with pictures). :D

Vilje Vanilje said...

Thank you, I think she is cute too. I have had other bunnies before and they were not as cute as Mimle, but they were caged most of the time, I guess the more you hang out with your pet the more you get to know them… What are your bunnies names? And which one is the cutest? :)

I will promise to try and take more pictures of bunny.

Jenn said...

I think house bunnies have a special bond with their owner :) Yours is so active, Pepsi is a really old man now so he just likes sleeping under the coffee table

I have the following:

Pepsi (house bunny) - he is the oldest (9)and is a french lop. He was quite cute but he is really old now so he has lost some of his cuteness (but I love him the best)

Bramble - She is brown and white and is 8 years old. She is beautiful more than cute and is a very delicate and elegant in her movements

Salt - white and grey lion head, about 3. Cute and naughty!

Pepper (salt's full sister) - grey lion head. She is also cute and naughty

Benson - brown lion head, about 4. He is totally fully, sometimes you can hardly see his eyes and is the cutest of the bunch. He is also really friendly.

I will post a thread on the cross stitching forum so you can see the terrible five :)