Monday, 27 January 2014

No net makes me

do some home decorating.

Since we bought this little nifty dresser I have had a desire to paint each drawer in a different colour, but what is nice about it as it is (or rather was) was that bunny could nibble on it and it would be completely safe, so I did a little compromise and painted just the nobs.
I had to trow out some of my old paint as it was all hard and non-liquid and it was supposed to be wet. So I had to make do with these colours as these were the only ones that were still in liquid form. But I do think the dresser looks quite improved. And as I said to boyfriend, it is a nice inexpensive IKEA dresser, and we could always buy new nob thingies if we tire of colour.
And after my little morning experiment, the internet was back on and I could browse while watching netflix if I wanted to! :)

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