Thursday, 9 January 2014

This Year has me doing some yarn

I am making some patches in knitting and crocheting and it turned into this wonky blanket. Now all I need is some yarn to do the edges and it will be finished.
I especially have been loving the little white border and the blue crochet flower I inserted on top of some plain knitting.
I really like the effect and as the border was store bought (some twenty years ago, I think, I inherited it from family.) it was fast and easy to attach. I am definitely doing that again on another blanket some day. No actually I love the effect and I wish I had tiny crochet borders on all my skirts, dresses, pillows, everywhere.

Some of the yarn used is really old, some is from my grandmother, some from my friends grandmothers and some from my stash. The only yarn not from stash would be the border, but I did not have enough of one type or colour of yarn to do the border and it would look nicest with one colored border I think, so I have to buy and it will not be an all scrap/stash blanket as it was intended to be.
This has been my secret project for almost two years I think, and some of my friends have contributed, a lot. ;) Somewhere on it is a letter, I will add some more lettering. But that letter is hand-crochet by my cousin. But when we were washing and decluttering the place right after christmas I lost some of my hand crochet letters and I need my other cousin to do his again. 
But since there has been a whole week with me not showing anything and since this secret project is almost done I am showing it off. The recipient will most likely just get a picture of this before getting the blanket anyway. And I am thinking of letting her choose the colour of yarn in the border, so the secret is not so secret anymore.

Tomorrow I am going off to buy more yarn.
Both to finish this piece but also another two crochet blankets. Most likely a baby-blanket or lap blanket.

We will see how big it turns out when I am finished with it. I am actually loving it as it is in all pink, purple and white so I am thinking about keeping it. I am currently doing one border of white, which I am about halfway into when I ran out of yarn and another border of pink? maybe as I crochet them together and then another one or two rows of border in an undecided colour.
As I mentioned I was de-cluttering and I found some unfinished blankets, so now I am finishing off those (need more yarn first though) and then I will start something new I think.
The first picture is of some Alpaca yarn I had left and started some granny squares, I also used this as a learning tool in how to crochet together as I go joining method I learned from Lucy and her attic.

 Also I want to show off some knitting and crochet accessories I bought with my birthday money.

Here is my stash. Two bags for wip's and stash, the big one also has a matching scissor. One purple folder to put the recipe in with a elastic band to place where you are at, I think I can use it for all types of crafting.
A lot of bamboo knitting needles. Some crochet needles and one sheep to measure your knitting needles and one plain one so that I can have one in each bag. And a purple tape meazurer. Not a small stash,  but now I am ready for more knitting and crochet adventures!

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