Sunday, 26 January 2014

Snow keeps falling and blanketing me

Bunny had a little tummy ache yesterday and refused to eat. I stayed up with her all night and made sure she moved about and ate. And what could be better than her eating pellets out of her little ball. She gets exercise, fun and food all at once. She is now perfectly fine, but I could tell by her tiny poops that she had not been fine.

So I am struggling with my hours and slept all day yesterday and have been awake all night, fortunately I have lots of caffein so hopefully I can stay awake all day today. I have to keep busy because we have some housecleaning to do.

While I was playing night-time nurse I made some more squares.
And now joined together (not on the picture though, there is only 105). I have a whopping 110, only ten more to go! And then the border, yes, but almost done.

Look it doesn't fit the chair anymore….

I had to do a picture on the kitchen floor. I love that it looks like there is not much of a plan in the arranging of the squares, when actually after the first 20 squares I tried to plan things perfectly.

But when the weather keeps looking like this, snowing and cold I have a valid reason to stay inside and finish my blanket right? And watch Buffy, I am into season 6 and just saw the musical episode, very funny:)

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