Monday, 31 March 2014

So lonely that I can't sleep, you know there are days like that

Since The recipient now has received their card and this little coaster I thought it would be nice to show it off. See, I haven't abandoned my stitching completely… I am also knitting something, but you won't see it until after Christmas, because yes, it is another Christmas present. But you might get a sneaky peek at it later.
My crochet blanket is soon to be finished too, only about six more squares and a border. Lately I have been thinking about giving that one away for Christmas too, that way I can make another just for me in less brown colours:P I am thinking blue and pink and white, or something, we will see. I have to wait for them to have another take three pay for two sale.

Since I am not the sanest person I know, I am still addicted to the same songs I was last week, but with one added and this time it is from a familiar group (morning musume 14) and language (japanese). 

I want their hair decorations, sparkly is always a hit with me.

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