Thursday, 11 June 2015

My baby worries me

First Act:

Bunnies were at the vet's yesterday and all was well was the verdict after much prodding and two vets looking intently at both bunnies teeth. They both have some spurs so we need to have that in mind for later. Mimle had lost a little weight, which is good since she is a bit pudgy, I blame all the running and jumping on and off of the sofa, and Valmin had gained a bit more. He now has lots of muscles and a fine thick coat. when we came home we noticed Mimle had a wet eye. I thought she had just had some hair in it and waited. Some hours later the first milky white gunk appeared. I looked at her eye, but found no irritants, so I just wiped her with a damp cloth and went to bed. She seemed happy with floppes, licks, treat begging and hay eating so I did not worry.

This morning boyfriend woke me (and the bunnies) up to tell me the side of her eye was full of gunk. I scooped her up and inspected her again. No redness, no hair, but still lots of gunk. I cleaned her and she hated me a little. So I sat on the floor to observe. I got some licks lucky me, but after I tried to inspect a little more vigorously she became skittish and ran and hid. So now we are waiting for the appointment at the vets and boyfriend is off to procure a car. Bunnies are both in the HOL eating hay. I so hope it is just a bacterial infection or something, like us being the overprotective bunny parents we are rather than an tooth-abcess. Both her cheeks seem to be the same size and normal, but I am not a vet. So please cross your paws, thank you.

Second Act:

So my baby girl has some irritants or something in her tear duct. The yellow fluid on her eye were placed there by the vet to see if her eye were hurt, which thankfully it was not. Since none of the fluid came out of her nose the vet thinks that her tear duct is clotted or something. She said to flush with saline water for a few days since Mimle is still flopping and eating.
But if it doesn't get better to come in over the weekend... This is going to be a long weekend.
Even if she is doing the things she normally does I can tell she feels a bit off. I even got some licks yesterday so I know she feels bad. But as I said, she eats, poops, begs for treats and cuddles so I think she will be alright in the end and her tear duct will hopefully heal soon. I haven't seen any gunk which might just mean she takes care of it herself, but I'll wash her eye anyway.

Valmin is a good nurse and kisses Mimle.

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*Kio Valentine said...

Oh, I hope it's a normal and easily treated infection. Good luck!