Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Tadah buntings finally

My 400th post is fast approaching and when it has arrived I will do another giveaway I think, this year I will also celebrate my five year blogiversary which calls for a second giveaway.

Other than that I have made some decorations this year which I never fully showed you. I did finally iron and pegged them up, just in time for boyfriends birthday. I finished half an hour before the guest arrived;)

Here is the whole nook, can you tell which decorations I am talking about?

Yes, it is the bunting from way back in march, finally completely finished.
Here is where I found the pattern, I did some customizing, like adding four centimeters at each end two times to be able to tie the bunting down, which I ended up not using here, but you can see it below.

Here is the second bunting I made in sort of a gradating color scheme, this is above the bookcases in our TV- nook and I really like looking at it. I would have loved not to have to look at all of boyfriends DVD's at the same time though, looks far too busy... But we are still contemplating how best to utilize that space whilst still having the DVD's on hand.

This is the last batch for now. Four colours, light pink, dusty purple, pistachio green and baby blue. I am thinking of making three of each colour and crocheting them together as the others. The garlands make me feel instantly happy and joyful and sometimes it is nice to have something easy in-between the larger and more complicated projects.

Speaking of complicating projects, this man spent six years making this great blanket. I love video games too, and I know boyfriend would have loved a minecraft version of this blanket. I know that too big projects tend to take forever and minecraft and other games usually have a colour scheme that I find off-putting, so I think if I were to make something like that for someone it would have to be a lot smaller or more my kind of colours;) 
I made boyfriend this small Star Trek amigurumi decorations in 2013 and it was hard to keep it a secret, I had to make it at night when he was sleeping. I can't imagine making something that would take years and being able to hide it from him. It would have had to not be a secret then I think.


Susie - said...

Your bunting is so pretty, I like the long bunting along the DVD shelves :)

Vilje Vanilje said...

Thank you Susie, I love buntings, if I could sew I would have made some with fabric scraps but they look fine crocheted as well I think. I want to make some for outside too. :)