Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Redesigning and rethinking pink

I have started the journey to redesign this ottoman like thing. And boy there were lots of nails on this. So many in fact, that when I removed the covers and nails I feared for the structure of the wood when I put some new fabric on it so I guess I need to go to a hardware store to get a new top. Was planning on using this not just for storage but for guest to sit on so it needs to both look good and not cave in when sat upon.

Bunnies got some dried dandelion from grandma's house. And so far I like how it was dried, I simply took a box and filled with newspapers and placed the dandelion on it and voila, a week later and the bunnies are having a feast.

So far my superscecret dress is on the third ball of yarn, here I am just finishing up the front and am about to start on the bust, so I think I will have plenty of time to finish this. 
I think the color of this is more accurate in the first picture and the second is somehow upside down.

It measures 54 cm high but there are more than the 60 rows that the pattern states, but I think the cm is more important in this piece.
I haven't done anymore on the knitted garment yet because I want to finish one half of the dress first.

My new regime seams to be working, at least temporarily, the gel makes my face seem pale during the day and by night the effect has worn off and I look all red again, so I hope the tablets give me a more lasting effect. I love pink, just not on my face, I am a bit worried that I can't wear pink anymore because it makes my face look even more pink. I guess my love of rosa made me all rosacea. (yes, the bad joke most joked about in our household these days)

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