Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The last of June

We are halfway through summer and it has become hot and real summer weather instead of rain, although I remember it rained a lot in summers when I was younger so I wonder what weather constitutes for real summer weather... Anyway I loved the rain. The sound of rain on our tent or cabin ceiling, it was so cozy. hot tea with grandma and doing general indoor things like games and drawing. I enjoyed those summers a lot. I know I liked the sun as well, because at least I wasn't cold, sunbathing in my sleeping bag in the grass, bathing in the water with my cousins... Summers were good.
But anyway I like rain, I like it when it rains in the summer, but I also like the sun in the summer and I won't complain about either even if lack of sun suits my skin better.

I have a finish! Another bunting, and in the season of finishing things before I can start something new I can now start something new. I have started to make a Maybelle flower square.

No idea where I want to hang this one yet though but sometimes it is nice to just make something for the sake of making. And these bunting really feels like some sort of meditative craft.

Maybelle square number one
It will be in my lovely cotton yarn from Søstrene Grene, and I will simply just make as many as I have yarn for, because Søstrene Grene never has the same colours for long so I can't buy any more. Although I could possibly buy some more in other colours.... Hmm, temptations, temptations. 
This will be some sort of blanket or pillow in the end, we will see how many squares I can manage before I start something new...

I ripped up the border on this blanket that I made all the way back in 2012 because the border was all ripply where it should have been stripy. So I got these neat little balls and I am trying again to make a good border. Good enough that I feel I can give this baby blanket away to someone because that is a lot better than just keeping it in my closet and feeling unsatisfied by it's looks.

I like how it is going and can't fathom why it took me three years to just get on with it. Especially now that it only took me two nights to finish... Tsk tsk. Oh, well, it is finished now, all but the ends woven in, but I will do that next I promise. No more three years in a closet for this blanket. Hopefully it will be rehomed soon.

My backside of the secret project is getting on. I still like the pattern and I can't wait for it to be finished. I am now contemplating making a matching vest for boyfriend or something.... I am full of ideas.

Speaking of being full of ideas, my friend and I started our second children's book together today. This one I feel has more potential, but even if nothing comes of it and we never finish it, (like our first book)  I had lots of fun.
We had lunch and stitched and I finished my baby blanket for its second time and just generally had a blast. I enjoy these sessions of social craftiness, if anyone wants to join me someday just let me know;)

Since I am decluttering as best I can I let her look through my old cross stitch magazines and take some designs she might want to stitch one day. I have even removed another bag of clothing to give away to Good Will or something, but there is still lots more I can let go, so I will try to do that this year.

Mimle says hi, since we had company over Valmin hid in his HOL most of the day so Mimle got all the attention, and treats, I think she had a great day.

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