Friday, 19 June 2015

Take a bow

I am halfway! I have finished the front, it needs stretching because even if it is 82 cm I still think that is a bit on the skimpish side and a little bit longer will look better on me I think, (after all I am taller than most japanese women), but we will see when the whole thing is finished. I may just have to make the straps a bit longer to fit. 

There is also going to be a little border around the bottom in the end, so I might not need any extra cm to make me feel more comfortable. We will see.

Oh, and I have made a cute little bow, I am going to make a couple more I think. Just in case.
Boyfriend is not sure about it. but he doesn't have all that much saying power. Mimle and Valmin like it so there is three against one. He might just have to gracefully bow down and take his defeat like a man.

After my little break when the front was finished and I faffed a bit with other things, I started on the back. I hope this will go rather quick now that I know how the pattern goes. ;) I must say I adore the colour on both the pink and purple and they go rather well together as well.

Because I have been a good girl this week and checked off a lot of my boxes on my to-do-list I got to buy the newest Norwegian crochet magazine. If I don't fail in my crochet clothing endeavor I might want to make a top or two from this magazine, as well as a shorts or skirt,  (some more skirts from Drops and Ravelry.

We ate tacos today which is always a treat because the bunnies get lots of salad and rocket which only I and the bunnies like so we try to scarf down as much as possible in one sitting...

Mimle's eye seems to be in order, although I have no idea how it looks on the inside of that tear canal. I wonder if it needs to be flushed if it is clogged.... Maybe I need to call the vet on Monday to hear what they have to say about that.

Thank you for the enquiries about Mimle and the crossing of paws we appreciate it a lot. There is nothing worse than a sick loved one.
*Bows humbly japanese style*

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