Friday, 13 May 2016

Finished Friday

The summer is here, and with that I have had a headache the past three days which is why there wasn't a Wedding-blanket Wednesday post this week (I have no excuse for last Wednesday, I must have forgot there was a Wednesday last week) So that post will have to come later this weekend I think.
*Kio and I are superbusy but hopefully there will be a small surprise soon.

And speaking of surprises, a co-worker of Mister M is having a baby and she was coming in to the office today with cake, so I prepared a little gift for the baby. A set of four bibs, the green one is the newest and the one I haven't shown, the others I have made a little over time. So now I need to make more bibs, they were so much fun to make.
I love the colours on these bibs and even if they might know the gender of the baby I pretended I didn't and just had fun with colours. The stash busting acrylic baby blanket is coming along nicely. I have a lot of fun with these colours too, Mister M claims they look like candy and that that yellow especially makes him feel like having a banana. But I think babies need those colourful fun things?

Other than that I have made a bunch of wrist warmers and the pattern is coming closer to getting finished, *Kio and I are looking into yarn at the moment. 
(which means I have not bought any yarn this month still, gacha in stitches have. 14 skeins in total this week, hush, don't tell anyone, it is not cheating)
And the gifts form my giveaway have been put in the post, but since it is a five day holiday at the moment, they will not get sent out of the country before after the constitution day (17th). So it will take a week or two before you get it. ^^ I hope you will like the gifts.

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