Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Wedding Blanket Squares Thirteen

Somehow my square in row 9 is not completely in line, in the right corner I think I may have stitched into a wrong loop and thus not gotten a perfectly straight line, but other than that I really liked this square too. It was fairly easy, but not too easy, I had to think and redo some of my rows and so it was more interesting than some. But with this cal there is the perfect match between a breeze,  putting your thinking cap on at times and brain twistingly hard which meant I could do the easier ones while with company and the harder ones when I wanted a challenge. And some were indeed a challenge. I think we might soon come to the point were I gave up on a square for the time being to crochet some of the easier ones, I think that was when I ran out of the medium purple and did more dark colours for a time.
Even with adament blocking that dent did not come out. Although the centre was a bit harder the rest of the square was a breeze so I think I did this in about four hours same as most squares.
It weighed 33 grams and measured 21x21 cm.

I like how my green row makes the centre feel even more like a flower and I tried to use some of the more rose-coloured colours from what we had and I think it does look a bit like a rose.
I would love to make another Veronica's Rose in pink and purple palette.

Interestingly again we have used a lot of the same colours.
Her row number nine is in white so it is easier to see what row I have been talking about and thankfully her row is not completely straight either so I don't feel as bad about mine. ^^

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