Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Out and adventuring again

My friend *Kio and I decided to go out today and be artsy, so we went to gallery Format  and saw an exhibit called within a matter by several artists. We had seen this article and wanted to see what Elin magically made with her grandmothers yarn, but sadly none of the works featured in the article was in this gallery, well except the white thing that looked like a wedding dress which I thought was pretty cool. There was also some great graphic art on the wall, some neat pottery and some ceramic water fountains that looked a bit like a mens urinal. But best of all it was free. While we were there we went to the art thing next to it too and they had lovely fabric and cat pillows.

Then we went shopping for the next part of our adventure....

For the royal, yup, that is us!
Also I got something more for the giveaway prizes, for those of you who have not given me their address please hurry.

V for Finurlig is on it's way. Watch this space.

*Kio also worked on something for next week.

Later we met with Evi and had coffee and did some shopping and was not in the least bit hampered by our credit cards being empty and not working... 

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