Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Wedding blanket Square Twelve

Sorry for taking so long with these posts, all these holiday days screwed up my sense of time and I realised it was Wednesday too late these past few weeks, but the posts are up now.
Here are the links in case you missed them:

Block twelve Kaleidoscope Blossom by Chris Simon

This was another fun square, I don't think there was any dull square in this cal, although there were some harder ones, this was not one of them. As soon as the flower in the middle was done the rest was a breeze. Not that the flower was hard, it just took a little time. It was very informative that the cal told is that after row four our flower would buckle a lot otherwise I might have redone that so many times I might have given up. It stopped buckling after row five I remember correct.
There were some back loop only stitches which was fun, some V-stitches that with the single dc, chain row made the square mesh-like and helped me to reach the finish line faster.

I really like how after the flower the rows turn less and less solid until the final rows of only dc to make the square the same size as all the others.
This cal has friendly tips on how to make all the square the same size by adding rows but keeping the same stitch count for easier assembling. We didn't really care about number of stitches because we were going to stitch it together with sc along every side. And when two people make something together it is a miracle of the things turn out the same size since everyones tension varies!

Another thing I liked about the squares in this CAL is that some of them really stand out. 

As in stands out above the rest of the stitches.
This square weighed 34 grams and was quite heavy but it was 21 x 21 cm in the end after I added several rows of dc's.

Here is *Kio's square. I think it is funny how hers is sort of a mirror image against mine. I have white in my middle and she has the petals white. 
I have green and blue in the mesh and purple and slightly darker blue in the solid dc rows and she has  light blue and middle dark blue in her mesh and then green and light blue in her solid rows.
And I don't think she knew what colours I chose and I know I didn't know how here colour choices looked on this square.

But I think both looks like water lilies just bobbing about on the water in the sun set after a hot summer day.

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