Friday, 20 May 2016

Finished Friday

Mimle helped me today, she thought I was too slow darning in my ends, so she did it herself....
I was busy reading in the sofa when I looked down on my feet and Mimle was munching on something, my heart almost stopped when I saw a large white thread peering out of her mouth. I was fast to hunt her down and take the thread from her. Luckily she didn't ingest much and she even let me have a small piece of thread to safely sew in the end...

But I do love Mimle. Even when she is a little troll.
So here is my sort of finish, it needs a bead in the middle of the flower and then sewing it to the headband. I think it looks good, it is for a birthday girl so I feel lucky Mimle left enough yarn for me to sew in the end.

And the second baby-gift-bundle is finished. Unless I put something else into it that is;)
 I made two more of these bibs and the purple is from a book called "Hekle til babyen" and a pair of baby booties from the same book (which I will review soon) to go with the blanket. :) 
so now the baby can come.

I am not sure how much yarn I have used up, the booties was made in Drops Paris Cotton and I used 45 grams, each of the three bibs weighed around 15 grams and I used Søstrene Grene yarn.
So so far I have used up 90 grams of yarn on baby-things in this bundle. I have already counted the blanket.
The first bundle I made four bibs, but it is only the green which was finished in May and haven't been counted yet. That also weighed 15 grams.
And then there is the flower headband, that weighed 14 grams.
So May so far has been 119 grams, or a little over two skeins of yarn out.
And nothing in. 
(except some red, white and blue for gacha stitches and some yarn for our next project, but that doesn't count!)

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