Sunday, 11 September 2016

Bunday and a post

It is bunday again and time for some shots of the little trolls.
Around the internet I have some friends and one of them were saying she wanted to give away some of her stitching things as she had stopped stitching and I kindly volunteered to receive some and in exchange she will get some Norwegian yarn.

Here is the parcel and Valmin would not leave the box unopened and was giving me the look to get it open.

 He even tried jumping on top of it and scratching it open himself, so I took the hint and started opening it, wondering what on earth this little guy was so keen on.

Nose hard at work.

Come on human, open iiiit!

And inside I could see why he was so interested! Some lovely herbs that smelled wonderful, I almost fancied a bite myself.

But look at all that stuff! Some magazine cut outs with bunnies (I had none of those), some patterns, some small freebie kits, and lots of beads and fabric, thread and thread keepers! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel like stitching again!

Other than that, me and *Kio started doing water gymnastics again this week, we attended a book reading at the local pool which was fun, I had forgotten how much I like Roald Dahl, maybe that will be this months reading (which I have not forgotten, I am just a little behind, more on that soon), Mister M and I did some house chores and started cleaning our new (old) grill and we have watched 3/4 Jurassic Park films.

Also since it is bunday, here was a sweet picture of Mimle with Valmins ear protectively over her head, but I disturbed them so I got this picture instead. But they do look adorable nonetheless.

Also I have started the gifts, you might be wondering why there have been so few post with me ranting about gifts yet, but we did buy loads in Japan, and I have finished quite a few already. But in a few days we will be attending my cousins two boy's birthdays so I needed something quick and fun. I am knitting ear warmers to go with their presents, just because I found some reflective yarn on sale!
I am thinking making a few of these, in varying difficulties, but we will see, I have promised to make some more of those bearded beanies this year so I need to start that soon, I am not the fastest knitter...

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