Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Tuesday Anyway you like it

Dou datte ii no, Country girls.
I love this video and I love the heart sunglasses.

Oops, I may have slightly forgotten what day it was, and I owe you lot a Wednesday Wedding Square too, but in the meantime, listen to another strong single from Country Girls.
With C-ute soon to disband, Momoko is the last of the Hello Project kids and the last of the era I started liking.

Yellow Newbie chan looks really scary at times, but the cameraman sure likes her, but Nanami in purple is my favourite after Momoko. And she plays the saxophone in the other video and I heard she does in the recording too? Also Mister M though she was super funny in the concert (I did too) but with Momochi-senpai guiding this group I am not surprised they are good at talking and being funny.

But anyway, this and it's coupling song Namida no request seems fun and strong and still in the fifties mode which suits them nicely. Look at how much higher heels Momoko has than the kids.
I am thinking Country girls or Kobushi Factory might be my new favourite group after C-ute....
I am not sure who started this picture, so I can't credit them. But this picture makes me sad. Good thing June is still a way off... I sure hope C-ute will go to Europe before they quit so I can go!

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