Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Thrifting Tuesday

Last week I spent at my mothers and I helped her clear out some clutter and things we didn't need anymore to give away to the flea market. And we filled two cars and the flea market came and picked up some furniture and my old bike and things like that.

After we had been so good clearing out so many things we decided to take a small trip to the flea market and look. After all it is somewhat of a tradition for us.
And so we did.
And we had a lot of fun, I came home with a bag full and my mother was really good and only came home with a small hand sewn table cloth in Hardanger.

I bought some yarn

And got some pottery, a tea bag tray, a suger cup like I have been looking for, a tray from Japan for our sushi, four green cups for a friend and a small horse.

Just like the one we had in my childhood Christmases, my mother broke it and I felt heartbroken. But now I have my own. I will fill it with treats this Christmas. Which is getting closer and closer, need to get a move on with the presents!

Some table cloths, a brown retro Easter one, a set of skin-coloured crochet doilies and a machine made doily in a lovely red shade.
And it all cost me hardly anything. I think we were quite good!

Our house is full of childhood things to go through, but I have been good and went swimming and have take this little teddy out for a walk a couple of times as his parents were unable to.

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