Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Wedding Blanket Squares Twenty-Nine

 Another week another square, but we are almost done now I think, around ten to go from this cal and then some more that we added, like the letters and heart in the last picture. Here is the whole blanket in case you have forgotten what it looks like^^

I have misplaced my notes so I can't tell you how much it weighed, but it was 21 x 21 as all others and took about four hours. *Kio helped a little with this square as I didn't trust myself in that the white was on top of the other rows... I was so done with frogging that I would rather ask her what she did than try myself and fail.
But can you see the hearts? And that this square is really 3d?

There wasn't any good pictures of this square, I guess I somewhat forgot, but above the D is *Kio's square, her is in purple and blue tones whereas mine is in green and white, with the darker purple under the white which I think made the white stand out more.

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