Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wedding Blanket Squares Thirty-One

We are getting closer to the end, this pattern is another one that is no longer available for free, but as with Firenze I made it anyway following the photo tutorial here since I really liked the pattern and wanted the wedding blanket have something that would bind the flower and sea motifs together with a lovely waterlily.

I love waterlilies, when I was younger my grandparents cabin had a small lake where we used to row a lot, and I remember the waterlilies and it fascinated me how long their stems were, they seemed to go on forever...

Me and my mother out rowing on the lake one summer, I was allowed to row the smaller boat out by myself but I didn't have a photo of that nearby so you get this little gem. I loved rowing and today Miss Evi and I went to the gym and I did some rowing there and I had a lot of fun but there were no waterlilies there.

Mimle for size comparison, both bunnies were super interested in the blanket and had their opinion about where the squares should be placed, obviously we didn't listen XD

It does look like a waterlily don't you think? And I could not resist using the dark green to make a leaf and some purple and white for the flower on top of the turquoise water.
I want to go rowing again, I wish I had a lake to do so in, and a boat.
 Waterlily had a lot of interesting stitches and I had to keep my tongue in check whilst reading the walkthrough, I have no idea how well the pattern is written, but I had to frog this a couple of times and start over, I might have fudged some parts but I was adamant to finish this as I loved it so, since this pattern is no longer free it is on my to-buy-list, I just have to wait a little longer as we spent rather a lot in Japan XD
The wedding blanket finished, can you spot the waterlily?

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