Sunday, 30 October 2016

Weekend and Bunday

It is the Halloween weekend and our neighbour kindly gave us some Halloween cupcakes, which was very tasty... No one has come calling for candy other than the bunnies, seems Mister M can eat all the Halloween candy for himself tomorrow.

Mister M and I have had a slow weekend and sat in the house watching TV, petting bunnies and doing some house chores.

And we went on a walk, and I found two more pokemons, but forgot to take a picture so I had Mister M take some.

And we took some shots of the ear warmers that we at GachaStitches are almost done writing up.
I love reflective yarn!

 Valmin loves his new box.

Mimle keeps pestering me for treats, as always.

I am still crocheting the Halloween table runner and have turned now and am more than halfway down, but I only have one more day or so before putting it away for the year... 

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