Friday, 16 August 2013

Done and Done

My "not so secret project number 3" is finished. It did take a while I'll admit, and since I have had two finishes without another start, even if I cave in and start something new tomorrow I will still eventually finish more than I start and those pesky WiSPs will vanish.

Look how much thread is left? Thank you Bothy Threads.  Seriously, I think there is almost enough floss to make this one more time, not that I am going to, because even if I enjoyed the design I am SO happy it is done!

Would you like to see a small and blurry photo? I know I would. And the person receiving this never comes on, and the date is soo far away I guess it is safe. I don't want to wait forever to show it, I'll risk you guys forgetting. So. Hereitis: 

I can recommend doing what I did and finishing these off one panel at a time. Although the header was a bit boring as it was mostly one colour I think this is one of those designs that would soon turn into WiSPs in the back of the box, had I not done the backstitching as I went. 

I have my eyes on the tea one and the love one in this series, I think they are great pun. 

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