Sunday, 4 August 2013

Want to see my WiSP list?

As it is Sunday and WiSP time I thought it was appropriate to show you my WiSP-pile. I am trying to finish my "not so secret project number 3" today so I will not participate in WiSP Sunday, but I am here in spirit.
Now, I do have a rather large WiSP list, but I swear I have a good reason for not finishing most of them, and even if I have not stitched on some of them for a year, I refuse to label them as UFOs, they will be finished one day! After all that is why I invented WiSP Sunday!

My cards and small fry.

No idea why I haven't finished this.

This is waiting for snow and the season spirit I think.

This one is stamped and so takes a while to do as it is so boring, but I know it will look nice finished.

I am guessing this was in a bag or other for a while not getting done. I don't have that much doctors appointments to stitch in the waiting rooms waiting anymore I guess.

I started this a year ago. Boris Hare from the woodland series, miscounted and let him be, I think I need to find my mistake and finish him.

I am almost ashamed to show you this, but, this is my stitch with the fewest stitches, now why have I not done anymore on this? I can't have miscounted already? It would take one minute to rip it out and start again? I can't even tell which side is up with only six stitches.... I am actually looking forward to finish this.

I think this ornament is closest to finished, maybe I will stitch a bit on him every ornament onsdag?

I started this three times, and had to rip it out three times. I am hoping this is a good start, but I am too scared to check and too angry with wasting all that time.

This is my fall project, I only work on it in the fall.

Poor little Eeyore, I promise, I will find my mistake and finish this, someday. There is not that much left?

 A Jane Austen sampler, the whole left side is wrong. And it is discontinued and I think I might not have enough threads, I am too scared to check. So I am pretending it does not exist until I feel brave enough to check.

I know this too is almost done. But working on stamped aida is sooo boring. And I have only one block left of colour too. Maybe I can do like one strand every WiSP sunday and I can give it away this Christmas instead?

Poor little Peter Rabbit has been miscounted and mislaid and now I do not feel that much love towards him, but someday I will finish.

Somebunny to love, I still love her, it is that stupid rocking horse that I do not love. It just won't behave and I keep having to frog it. I need boyfriends help to find my mistake and then I will very carefully start again.

My mother gave me this kit, and I love it, I usually work on it in the winter, as it is so warm and heavy on the knees. It really is delightful, but I am scared of making a mistake on it as it looks so nice and expensive, some day when finished I will give it to my mum.

My spring project. This spring would have been my second spring on it had I found the floss. Where they are is a mystery because the whole lot was lying in a box for a year just waiting and I know I did not take out any threads from that box. Now, where can they be? The beads are equally mysterious still in the box.

This is my only stitch along, me and my cousins wife bought one each on sale, but after I moved I see her less, so only one corner remains finished. At this rate I will finish one corner a year.

My friends scold me for not persevering and finishing, I am usually not that fickle of nature, but I just love the feeling of new starts and hate counting, I don't particularly like being wrong either and need some cooling off before taking it out again.
Even if I have a rather large Wip and WiSP pile, I know of other people with even larger. So there.


Virpi said...

It was really nice to see your wips. Many of them are almost done!

Vilje Vanilje said...

I know! I really should get my butt into gear and FINISH! But the stash is calling;) Hehe. Do you have lots of wips?

Jenn said...

Do you have many unfinished objects? My wisps tend to be very long term... as in some of them I worked on about 9 years ago *whistles innocently*. I don't let my mum see them as she would force me to finish them and I have some many other things I want to do :p

Vilje Vanilje said...

I think that because I have only been stitching for three years none of my wips can be called UFO's yet? I am struggling to not let them become UFO's but that is why I stitch a little on some or focus on one WiSP each Sunday.

Hehe, nine years is nothing;) Just decide a day and do a strand or two? Then they are no longer UFo's but WiPS, work in slow progress and no one can force you to finish:)