Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Tuesday Ai no Gundan Joke

Finally, the music videos are out! Morning Musume (my favourite Japanese band you know) has made another double single, and I love BOTH of them. Which is rare. I usually love one and like the other, but to be honest, I don't have a favorite!

In Ai no Gundan though, they are wearing my favorite costume. Those red and black "uniforms" are great. The little berets are wonderful. My favorite Sato Masaki has lots of lines too. I love the start and ending of the dance, but I think I prefer the dance as a whole in the other video. I like the white parts too, even if they seem to come out of no where. Maybe they are the counterpart of the militaristic dance and costume and name of the song, the siniging in white clothes may show to peace and love, white flags and all that? They are after all standing and laying around in white and being inactive and pasifistic.

And I must say, thank God for safety-pants right Oda, Mizupon, Ayumi and Riho? (at 2:24) when they twirl. (incidently, the only ones in skirts)
Another funny thing which I feel their agency do all the time, is pair people, give them similar outfits and give them the same moves and place in formation. Like, Satou and Kudou, in this they are both in shorts (the only ones in shorts) and their bottoms and trousers are in opposite colours. In this video not one person is wearing the same costume in the same colour combination. See:

To wrap it up, I love everything about this song, and even if I prefer the other dance, there are nearly no awkward dance moves in this one!

While I love this song too, I am not so sure about the black and white shoes. But I love the fact that they are wearing both shoes from the other video, one black and one white, I am envious of those shoes^^

I like them all in pants, makes them look a bit like they used to in Kimagure Princess, exept those pants are white. They look so adult like in those pants. 

My favorite dance move is that pretend slap, it is great. I love it. Everyone just looks so happy.
And, not only is there several camera angles, but there is a location shot and costume change. It looks like a proper music video.


E2 said...

According to your chart (very fancy, btw), Mizypon and Ayumin have the same combination!

Vilje Vanilje said...

Huh, you are right, it just seemed like Mizuki was different since her jacket was less open and Ayumi had her jacket closed? Maybe they ran out of options, lol and decided no one could see the difference? You are way too observant. ;)

What did you think of the song and dance?