Saturday, 17 August 2013

Oh yes I did

Can you guess what I did?

I started something new! But I am sticking to my two finished before starting something new rule, because then eventually (hopefully) I won't have anymore Wips. So I am being good.

Can you tell what I am making yet? 
Can you guess?

 Yes, it is another bunny design. Can you guess who it is for?  This design is just for me. It has bunnies you see. 
Although that cute little bunny couple in the bottom right corner looks just right for a Valentine Card. Lets hope Pako is as generous with their threads as Bothy threads are:D If so then I know what boyfriend will receive in oh, about, six months. 
( Never too early to plan ahead right? I mean I just finished a present that is more than a year early.)

Oh, and since I am showing off bunnies. Here is my little one. She has been busy throwing hay around making her best effort to turn our house into a barn and is taking a well deserved rest before she will no doubt complain about all the hay everywhere and what kind of hotel is this where the maids have been slacking off on their vacuum duties.

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