Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My Tuesday collage Tunes

I made a collage of dictionary of technology. What do you think?

I used this site, and I think it turned out pretty good, do you?

As it is Tuesday Tunes today I guess I should show you a song?

This is just insanely stupid. I love the lyrics, it is not really a single, but it will be on their new album. Oh C-ute, you are so fun. I like this sort of MV's, the happy versions, I guess I just fell in love when I saw Robokiss the Happy version by W.

And in other news, bunny is healthy and does not have the e-word. Thankfully. She just drinks with a head tilt suddenly for no apparent reason. (Boyfriend thinks it is because she is trying to limit the amount of whiskers that get wet when drinking and sporting a head tilt whilst drinking ensures that one side remains clean and dry. She really is such a silly pants rabbit.

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