Thursday, 29 August 2013

Crochet Madness

At work yesterday I started to crochet a bit again for the coming fall fair, and I realized I missed it. So I got my sturdy 0,6 hook and started to craft a Christmas present. I have made my list of people receiving  gifts and for some I have made suggestions on what to give in pencil and written in marker the things I have already purchased or made. And, wait for it, I have four partial gifts and one completely ready to go! 

Anyway. I have successfully made the front. And those of you eagle eyed can probably tell that I have used the yarn before? It is the remnants of my poncho adventure here:
Bunny is not impressed, but she is not easy to impress though. If it is not edible she will scoff at it and walk away.

And here you can see what it will become. I think I will buy a cheap pillow from IKEA and modify it so it fits;) On that note, I need to buy some backing fabric. I think it should be in greys....

On another note, bunny is feeling much better. Next time she stops eating and hides somewhere to sulk I better give tummy rubs and critical care ASAP. ( at least I can give CC after I have felt her tummy and have found out it is not bloated and she does not have constipation.)

She is now munching away on her hay like she never had a tummy ache. Honestly. Making me worry. I was so relieved when the poops finally came yesterday. I could not go to bed before she did her business, the joys of bunnyownerhood.  (I think I made up another word). I am not sure boyfriend and I would be good parents with all our worrying for usually nothing. 

Oh yeah, and with regards to my bunny panel adventure, I am still not done with the backstitching, but this does not count as another start since it is not cross-stitch right? I will finish it this week, but with bunny sickly it was not easy to craft. I had to be on constant lookout for stray poops (yes, us bunny owners are mad, but bunny poop is the best way to diagnose a bunny) or any dreaded head-tilts or other signs of parasites. The vet is thinking an ear -infection, but we are hoping the culprit for the bad bunny attitude is just the molting season.

But now that she is better everything feels light and easy:D

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