Monday, 2 September 2013

Aaand so, this stuff happened and then..

So, I have been sick for a couple of days, laying around feeling sorry for myself and sleeping. I mean, I didn't want chocolate! I was that sick. on bunny you can tell she is not feeling well if she doesn't want any papaya treats, but for me it is chocolate, if I don't want any, I probably have a fever. Which I did. And a stuffy nose. I did a tiny bit of sewing, and I started something new....
Which when I think about it was not allowed, because I had only done on WiSP finish and one regular finish in stead of two WiSPs...Oh well, let's blame the fever. At least I am going forwards at a pace which will mean that eventually I will have my projects finished;)

I finished the bunny, I like it. Going to find a frame for this one I think. And as predicted there is not enough floss to start over and make just one of them...
But it was easy and fast, I can recommend this project from Pako if you don't want a challenge or if you are a beginner looking for a bit of a bigger challenge (project). With just two types of stitching backstitch and cross-stitch. But I do recommend spacing the bunnies a little bit farther from each other than I did, because they look a bit cramped.

A Finish from my WiSP-pile. A freebie from a magazine from last year I think.... Anyway. It went rather fast to stitch, have no idea why I left this for so long, there was no mistake in it, must have gotten busy with Christmas gifts or something. Which incidentally is why I am trying my best at making gifts this early, so my WiSP pile will not increase but rather decrease. Aaand, with this I killed two birds with one stone, because this will finish as a Christmas Card as well as being a WiSP finish. 
So now my Christmas Card list is at 1/?. Don't know how many I will make this year so the amount is still undecided. 

Here is where I sinned. I felt a lot better today than the other days, so I made a start, and a finish in one day. Completely forgetting the aforementioned rule. I am hoping this will be an extra small Christmas-gift for someone. A sign for their bathroom door, I added the text, but I am not quite sure if I like it, but no worries, I have enough floss to make another. 

And after I finished this I started on a WiSP because I am trying to make amends. 
(and a dent in my WiSP pile, which seems a lot more like an perpetual motion machine, than a list.)

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