Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Jurin and Boris

This is this weeks song. For some reason, they have still not put the video up on the Satoyama channel. 
(which they did the day after I published my song)
This song along with the Dia Lady one are from Hello!Project but they are promoting Satoyama and being environmental friendly. I love this song, it so soothing, and this too reminds me a little of W. Maybe it is those white dresses? A lot like their Shiroi Iro wa koibito no Iro song.
This duo consists of my favorite current Musume and favorite Egg. (Yes, I know she is no longer an egg, she has debuted already, if you think I have shown you Karin before, I have.  From the last song.

Anyway, I finished Boris from DMC's Woodland folk series. Another one from my WiSP-pile. 
I have started on the penguin even if it is not a WiSP, because I need to make more Christmasness.
And I still feel sick so I need something easy and fun to finish. Not finishing this before was just plain lazy. But it is done now. 
And it was easy and fun, when I started it, :P And I am happy to see it end. The backstitching was really fast, my kind of backstitch. He looks rather fat from that angle, maybe Boris really is a Borisine (my imaginary female form of Boris), you can never tell with those bunnies, and soon there will be more bunnies. I should add a bow if he is a she. But maybe he is just fat after all, because he is done.

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