Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tuesday Tunes rock

Yes, in this order! I love this song the most, what with the cross-dressing, awkward dance, innuendos, and black nail-polish. Risako is wearing a rabbit ear head-dress that looks amazing. The dance looks so stupid it is hilarious. I really miss Maasa's long silky hair. But at least Momoko is not wearing her pigtails.

These dresses look for the most part horrendous, but the song is sweet, the dance is agaon awkward and strange, but Momoko's hair is even better than in the last song. The lyrics are great! I think they stuck Maasa in that jacket because she is so "big" and now she looks even bigger. She is a pretty girl, so why ruin her with those frocks? Risako is also "big" so they put her in that stupid red dress, at least they gave her a belt though.... I wish she was hat-less, she has such great hair. The fact that this PV is so simple I think makes the song even stronger.  Can you tell I am a fan of simplicity? And Berryz? But that dance... Ugh, I wish they could have done a story Pv instead. Like in their early days.... Anyway, I love them^^


Jenn said...

Any bunny news?

Vilje Vanilje said...

Yes, she is apparently healthy, the e-cuni test turned out negative. So she is just being silly we guess and drinking with a small tilt.

But thank you for asking. :)

Other than that, no news, she is making a mess of things and eating on the furniture, so all is normal.

Jenn said...

Glad to hear she is ok :) I love your little updates on her