Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A sudden present

There is this lady that helps bunnies here in Norway (and sort of Sweden and Denmark too). She has a blog and a book in Norwegian and soon another in English, and a Facebook where she continues to be available for bunny slaves in need. 
She is also active in an animal rescue organization. My bunny asked me to make her a present and so I did. Last March when Mimle was feeling rather poorly that lady helped us with advice and consolation.
She is truly an angel.

This is one of her little bunnies Harald, who is inspired by the cats I have been doing. The felt is from the same kit because apparently all the felt in Norway contains wool, and this person is vegan. 
I am thinking about adding some vegan chocolate, a surprise and some bunny treats in the parcel and I am sending it on Friday. I hope she likes it. 

In other news I am down to my last two Christmas cards, and I have around ten presents left to make. Do you think I can manage? Or do you think I will think of something else to make to make my life more difficult? ;) I am after all the queen of that. That and procrastination. 

And hey, it is Ornament Onsdag and I managed to finish an ornament and blog about it, how about that;)

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