Sunday, 22 December 2013

Yatta nee!

I did it! I finally did it. I vowed that I would finish all the presents in time this year and I did. The recent years have shown me on the night before Christmas frantically trying to finish something for everyone and this year I frantically finished a whole day before! I am very proud of myself (to be honest there have been some presents that I have dropped making and opted out and bought something or made something simpler). But I did still finish. Today saw me baking some cakes and whipping out my sewing machine and doing some finishing. Boyfriend helped, we had fun and I even did most of the dished right after which is not fun.

These may not look like much, but I rather like it. I am getting faster and better at the sewing machine thing too. But I am still not at the point where I can make a pillow that can open:O 
First there is a pillow right next to Mr. Snowman as I ran out of the grey yarn (from the poncho I made last year). I took some leftover yarn, it looks a lot different but still manly enough I reckon.

And here is two small ornaments for two small boys. One is a plain felt one with smallest of the boys first letter in his name as his brother got one last year with his initial on it. The other is a little trickier, it is a sock, it looks a bit like a sock, I would not recommend wearing it. Both boys will have some small cash in their parcels, we just have to remember to get them first;) I have no idea what little boys need nor the money for what they want but I can teach them to save up their money for something they really want. 

So the littlest may need a sock next year.

It is really cool because the backing fabric is from boyfriends grandmother so it was free and it was scraps which are hard to use, but here it has been put to use. I really hope these boys will someday decorate their very own trees with some of the ornaments I make for them. But it might be a good idea to think about another thing to make soon… Or I could get them their very own tree to decorate;)

And now since it is way past my bedtime, and even bunny is sleeping on the floor with her little backside firmly placed in my direction as I am in the doghouse with my noising and light flooding when clearly she is sleeping, (She looks adorable cuddled into a small bunny-ball) I will go to bed. As the good bunny slave that I am. I just have to fill her hay rack and find some toys and clear the table and put the cakes in the refrigerator first.

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Hanne said...

Kjempesøte gaver, Vilje :-)
Godt jobbet med å bli ferdig!
God jul til deg og dine :-)