Friday, 20 December 2013

Friday roundup

Want to hear what I have been doing? Except not making much and celebrating my birthday.

Remember this little dude? He now has a home. And his new owner is happy, but the other rabbits in the household is now demanding rabbit ornaments of themselves too.

And here is my assorted birthday card wall. I love them all. ^^
And I have gotten five christmas cards. And did you know? I finished all 25 cards in time and got them sent on the 16th which is the last post day that they can guarantee that it arrives in time for Christmas.
I was so in a hurry I forgot to take a picture of the last cross-stitched card.

Tomorrow I am going to finish finish the last of the presents. There is just some minor sewing machine fun left. And I am done buying presents too, boyfriend apparently has two left. (one of them is me). 
So maybe he has to go to the mall tomorrow, I am only going to the store for dinner.

I am really hopeful that we can finish everything in time this year and have some fun.

Here is a photo of Mimle enjoying her advent calendar.

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