Thursday, 26 December 2013

Some Presents I have given my friends

I made a coaster, I backed it with paper. The paper is kind of fun, because it is the lyrics of Silent Night. I thought it fitted with the Christmas theme, plus, my friend is the silent type. I hope she likes it. I wish I was better at making bigger things, like real sewing up and finishing. Like knitting or crocheting which I never seem to progress at… But I won't stop trying.

I have shown you this before, but this is a gift for the same friend. I did buy her some things too.

One of my other friends got this little cat. I like it, and it even has a bell, she loves bells.
I hope she likes it too. 

And I made this Enterprise for boyfriend, since we have a small apartment I did this in two nights after he went to sleep. It was difficult as I wanted to sleep and it was tiny and fiddly.
The snowflake is something I made years ago when I started to crochet and the lovely little knitted bauble I got from my friends mother for christmas.
I wanted to make Enterprise for three other people at least, but I could not bare that many sleepless nights and I did not want to spoil it for boyfriend. He was properly surprised.

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