Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Would you like to see some of my gifts?

I love Christmas, can you tell? I love giving things and I like receiving things too. I love sitting at home reading my new books and watching Christmassy shows and eating candy and drinking hot cocoa, gløgg or tea.

So without further ado, here is some of my gifts that I thought you would like to see, like the homemade and stitching stuff:

I got this lovely wooden rabbit thread keep from my friend. I really wanted this and I am so happy I received it.

These two lovely knitted baubles, and look one is a bunny! So I did get a bunny christmas ornament after all!

My other friend made me this hat, lined with fleece. I LOVE it. I asked for something like it years ago, but as she got a bit sick it was put on hold. But good things happen to those who wait or something like that. So I am happy. 

Edit/ apparently this was not the present that I have been waiting for, that present is still on hold and one day when I have forgotten about it I will receive it. And my friend says that when I get it I know that that is the present that I wished for so long ago.
But the fleece inside was bought for that particular present so I was half right;)

And lastly, one of my other friends made me these fun cocoa things, she made them herself and apparently you put them in your hot cocoa and it should taste great. She also gave me a cute little bunny necklace, but it is too dark to take a picture of now.
The other cookie in the picture is my favorite Christmas cookie, we didn't make any this year, so I asked my friend (the one  I got the hat from) if perhaps I could have one from her, and we got two, one for boyfriend and one for me. I have already eaten mine, it was so good, maybe I can trade boyfriends for something so I can eat them both? ;)

And lastly, I got this book from my last friend. I love it. I am thinking about making some granny square ornaments of Christmas Flowers for next year;) I am also thinking about my new swap, something that glitters, I love glittery things, so I need to get started on that too. :)

This is what I got from my swapping partner Kay Eyles from the cross-stitching forum. I love it. I got some pink aida, a flower felt ring and brooch and some floss. Thank you. Hope my gift was satisfactory. :)

Have a merry Christmas!

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