Sunday, 8 December 2013

Have a merry Pigmas

The table cloth is now properly finished. It only needs washing and ironing. 
I like it, even if I think there should be something in the square in the middle that spot is perfect to put a candle on when you are entertaining! 
I am very happy about finishing this, finally.

I bought this chart from this seller on etsy, and I am very happy with the purchase, this is an ornament for boyfriend'a aunt who lives in Finland and loves pigs. I was thinking about adding a hat on him, but I kind of like him as he is. I also bought the rabbit design. 

This is the backside, it says merry christmas in Norwegian. I am happy about the backside of this too. I love it.


Hanne said...

Liker :-) Lekker duk!

Vilje Vanilje said...

Takk, det er en helt vanlig duk fra Permin, Permin lager generellt fine duker, dog de er dyrere… :)