Saturday, 1 February 2014

Lacy Bookmark

I started on making a bookmark out of some leftover yarn from my Pink Granny Square blanket, it was fun, easy and fast, my kind of project. And free too. From here: Drops have lots and lots of free charts both in knitting and crochet. There are a lot of projects on there that I want to try out.

And, I am now a step further down the road of making bigger more difficult things because, this project I did by following written instructions, which I am bad at, I am much better at diagrams. But I did it. And I am sure I can evolve and make more things, eventually.

I think I will make some of these for gifts this year, as you can never have too many bookmarks.

One of my favorite children's books, Farvel Herr Muffin. The guinea Pig looks just like my late Johnathan, the book is really sad because the guinea pig is old and dies. But it is a good book.

Boyfriend thinks this looks like a caterpillar.

ETA: I made some more, I bought some yarn at a sale so I will make some more of these, a blue and yellow for starters.

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