Friday, 3 April 2015

Hello and Happy Easter

My scarf is finished! I finished it last weekend in fact, and I didn't even use up all the yarn. But I did use almost all of the two skeins of Sandnes Kitten and Mohair in 4622.
It measures 158 cm long and 15 cm wide, just enough to have twice around my neck.

Lately Valmin has started begging, he'll jump onto the sofa and stare at me, I can't resist and give him a pellet. Next I will try and coax him to actually get in my lap to get the treat, Mimle does that but Valmin is still a bit skittish.

Oh, and here is my bouquet. Not finished yet, I need more flowers and more leafs. I really like the dark pink one, think I need to make more of that one.
If anyone wants to make some for me let me know, it is still not too late.

I have started knitting,even if I suck at it, but practise makes perfect so I consider this practise, which is why it will turn into something for me. This yarn was on sale at Nille so I bought four skeins, I hope to make a small shawl or triangle scarf for myself. I LOVE the colour, matches my pantyhose and socks right?

That is how far I was when I was halfway into skein one about ten cm, I have now finished skein one but it is too dark to take a proper photo and it is almost 25 cm long :) I will just continue knitting it until it is a proper triangle, and then I hope I have enough yarn to crochet a border.

Mimle is however not pleased, this is the look I get when I DARE to pet her whilst she is eating a snack... But today we vacuumed so I hope we will see some binkies later by both bunnies:)

Oh, and happy easter, I will try and make something easter-y one of these days.

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