Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Bunnies, flowers and hats in Socktober

M got flowers from work. This is one of the two vases we got from our wedding. I like it, and I love the flowers, I wonder how long I can keep them alive. 


 I want to show some of the hats I made this year, two were finished, but never really had a proper Tadah moment, but the last I had to redo several times, I am still not completely happy with it, the top looks a bit funny, but the yarn is too tired of frogging for me to try again, so I decided it was done too.

This knitted hat has been done for almost a year now, poor thing and never got a proper tadah post, but here it is finished. It is a tiny bit too small for M, but he wants to keep it anyway. (that is the trouble with making things and using myself as a model because I have a tiny head, and I thought I had made this the right size.)

This hat was finished several times, but first it was too small and then it was too pointy and weird looking, it is still a bit pointy, but M claims he likes it that way. This is crocheted in reflective yarn. If I ever find the pattern I used I'll let you know. 

Now it won't matter if M forgets to put his reflectors out from his jacket pocket when walking home from the bus. (Yes, it is that dark here both in the mornings and evenings already)

I found the pattern here in this Norwegian blog, she makes lots of hats and has decided to give hats for all birthdays this year.

It is supposed to look like a cat, and it does, on boyfriend! It is a bit too long on me so the ears won't show properly. So I guess I need to make another for myself? Because M refuses to wear this, maybe my curly haired friend could wear this though. I'll ask.
 This too is made of reflective yarn so that one is very visible for cars. 

I have another started knitted hat and one crochet hat, the knitted is in deep trouble because I have no idea what pattern I used. I am guessing either garnstudio or some other easy Norwegian hat pattern, but since I am such a newbie at knitting I have no idea if the patterns I am searching for is the same I started. So I might just ask someone who knows what they are doing to see which pattern is correct... It is the same as the blue and grey one, do you think it it this pattern?
But when that hat is done I am so doing the Socktober kal on revelry! I need some sock yarn though, because shockingly I have none...
But October has just started so I should be able to finish a pair of sock right? Are socks much harder than hats?

Bunnies have been really lovey-dovey after their ordeal at the photographers.
I think it did them good, I am sad M is back to work because the time we had together felt too short, we haven't really had a proper honeymoon yet.


*Kio Valentine said...

I would be superhappy if the cat-hat became my christmas present! (I wish it had a nose and some whiskers though)

Socks are a bit more tricky than hats because of the heel, but once you get the idea of how it's done it's quite easy. Good luck, and let me know if you need assistance :)

Vilje Vanilje said...

We will see if some ears and whiskers magically appears;)

Thank you, I need to find an easy pattern, but since I am such a knitting noob I have no idea which patterns are easy. Hehe. But with a little assistance from you I am sure I could make at least one sock, maybe not a pair. If I only manage one, I'll make them into Christmas decorations and call them a stocking;)