Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween

I gave bribed the bunnies with a lofty and I got to take a few pictures.

Want to see some of the Halloween-y things I am making?

 I made a small ghost from Simply Crochet magazine, don't remember the number though, I plan to make more in scrap yarn and make a garland or something....
M and I have this cumbersome duvet cover that was broken, after mending it but making the hole too small to fit the duvet in I decided to repurpose it. It is now our Halloween table cloths;) I just ripped it in the pieces I wanted and we now have four table cloths and a spare thing that I draped over a chair. Our house is looking very festive.

This is my dentist yarn. I have bought some more as prizes for going to the dentist, would you believe I had four cavities one on each side so the dentist recommended we took them one each time, good thing too because last time I had to have five shots of painkillers, I shudder to think what would happen if I did all teeth at once, I would have 30 shots:O

This will turn into a table runner. the pattern is free from red heart. I hope I will have enough yarn, and maybe next halloween it will be finished,

Picture from red heart.

Some other things I did to make the house more festive was to use some paper and make appropriate figures and mount them in the window. When the light is on you can see them as dark shadows on the windows. I thought that looked rather fun. I found that idea on the internet, as well as my next one.

Idea number two also involved paper, a rather inexpensive way to make some festive sights, I made a ghost and a skeleton face on some of our sliding doors. I loved this idea and we have had it like this for the past week. I like to decorate after the seasons, but tomorrow I am taking it all down.

Oh, and my first knitting adventure is finished! I made a pair of socks! They are almost identical, they fit the recipient and I have yarn to spare! Now there's another gift done in time for Christmas, and I finished within socktober too. 
I have started my next pair already, I will master this knitting of socks skill.

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