Friday, 16 October 2015

Friday finishes

I have another two finishes, I had to wait for my trusty model to come home from work so I could take some pictures.
But here they are:

Exhibit A:
My third ever knitted hat, it is finished at last. And I found out what pattern it was too. It was indeed Tristan from Drops.

Exhibit B:
I crocheted a hat as well. Pattern from here, which is also where I found this awesome bobble beard. I know my bobbles are not perfect, but it was a good exercise and I might need to make more.
Both patterns had to be altered a little by me because my yarn was a bit too small, but no worries, I think it looks good anyway.
 although the finished result resembles less like a beanie and more like a bucket hat, might need to practice more crochet hats, I think it looks ok. Crochet hats are hard when you are not the best in crocheting in the round and don't have the specified yarn from the pattern.

M is rocking the inmate look, or maybe is failing at trying the hipster look?

Regarding my knitting adventure, I haven't really done anymore of that even though we are halfway through Socktober already, and all the rest of my secret things on a deadline has been put at the bottom of my yarn bags while I finished and started a few more crochet blankets, oops, and I think I need to make more hats... But they might be for Christmas, the started and finished blankets,  and they are stash busting blankest, so I am doubly allowed.

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Ashlee Marie said...

I'm so glad you liked my patterns! thx for linking back and giving credit, I really appreciate it